Top 13 Most In-Demand Skills for freelancing

Eager to know the Most In-Demand Skills for freelancing or the best skill for freelancing? Once considered a ‘side income source’ now the time changed everyone chooses to freelance to move to a comfortable work environment.

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Around 57% of US workers choose to freelance as a full-time career option. This is not much easy as it sounds you must have polished skills in order to provide services to different clients. These skills can be anything but mostly trendy skills can give you good income options.

What can freelancing offer you?

There are some reasons why everyone chooses to work as a freelancer –

● Potential career choice.
● Hassle-free work environment
● Freedom to choose your time and work
● Facility to work from anywhere
● High pay
● Comfort lifestyle
● Proper work-life balance

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13 Most In-Demand Skills for freelancing

1. Video Editing

Have you noticed a popup video ad while scrolling the internet? These video ads are created by video editors to promote company products or launch any services. As a video editor, you need to create video ads of a size of 10 to 25 seconds. It is reported that 93% of companies use video ads to promote their products. So in this freelancing skill, there is a huge chance of getting more clients.

Job role
● Video making & merging
● Compiling audio
● Editing existing video to make it unique
● Compile small video clips to make a big one

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

2. Graphic Designing

This is among the most evergreen freelancing skills that have so much earning potential. Previously, companies needed only offline print material, but now, due to digital trends, every company needs most online designs to promote their services. So you can say that graphic designing is a growing freelancing skill.

Job role
● Create fascinating graphics designs like logos, illustrations, thumbnails, flyers, layouts
● Create & post social media posts
● Magazines or book designing

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

3. Audio Transcription

This is another most in-demand skill for the freelancing profession. Much marketing research proves that around 85% of videos are watched without sounds so if any company promotes it will be a waste. Those companies need to adopt new strategies like adding captions or subtitles to the video as it will help viewers to understand their products even without listening to audio. As an audio transcriber, you need to translate audio into text and add them to the video to make it readable also.

Job role
● Translate audio into readable text
● Creating subtitles or captions for the videos

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

4. Web Development

Every business needs a website or application to broaden its reach and acquire more customers. Right! This increases the demand for this freelancing skill as it is the best skill for freelancing. Now due to online resources or e-learning platforms, it is very easy to acquire this skill and launch yourself as a proficient web developer. You can also use your web development skill to create your portfolio website to showcase your work to your new clients as it will create a good impression on them.

Job role
● Develop websites & applications
● Test websites efficiency

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

5. Social Media Management

Social media is a growing advertising channel for every business. By learning some basics of social media management skills you can earn a massive amount. Freelancers have social media management skills known as social media managers. By helping businesses with their social media management you can increase their brand awareness which further increases their sales revenue.

Job role
● Manages business’s social media accounts
● Create social media posts to manage social media accounts

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the trendiest freelancing skill as you need to rank websites to get more traffic. To become a proficient SEO expert you must have a good understanding of SMM, PPC, marketing, and proper SEO knowledge. Every online business needs SEO specialists to rank its website at the top. The reason for that is that if the website ranks at top of the web page it will lead to more sales.

Job role
● Create & implement great SEO practices to boost website traffic
● Optimize landing pages in order to get more leads
● Help businesses rank on the top
● Line up content with an SEO checklist

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

7. Data Analysis

Data analysis is another most in-demand skill for freelancing. Every business needs data analysts to track and monitor its business growth analytics in order to find the best profitable strategy. Data analytics is a huge field where you need to work with other freelancers like web developers and content writers to know specifically about the data you will analyze. Apart from all this, you must have a strong hold on some data analytics software like MATLAB, Data Visualization, R, SQL, Machine Learning, Python, and NoSQL.

Job role
● Derive data from all external resources like from primary and secondary resources
● Remove fluffs from the coding errors
● Managing data by storing it in databases
● Perform detailed analysis to check data quality
● Find different patterns as well as trends in complicated data and based on that create prediction graphs
● Prepare reports based on the prediction diagrams and trends
● Working closely with web developers and management staff to create improvement opportunities and data-driven strategies that can benefit the company

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

8. Virtual Assistance

To assist anyone is a daunting task but what if they pay you well? A virtual assistant is a person who assists their client over the phone, the internet, or email. A virtual assistant is a dynamic person specialist in multi-tasks like customer support, admin support, or assistance support to the client. You can say that virtual assistance is a one-man team who can assist a client with different tasks. There are no special skills you need to become a freelance virtual assistant but you know some basic customer support skills.

Job role
● Plan client’s day accordingly to their work schedule
● Organize all meetings, travel, tasks, and accommodations
● Conduct detailed market research to update the client
● Assist clients in their day-to-day activities like managing contacts, scheduling meetings, etc.
● Prepare documents and presentations to save the client’s time

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

9. Accounting & Bookkeeping

If you are good at managing finances then you can become freelance accounts & bookkeeping manager. Accountants & bookkeepers are the toughest most in-demand skills for freelancing professionals as they need to keep an eye on every little financial activity of any company and make a company-friendly budget to manage expenses and store all finance details carefully. To become an accountant and bookkeeper you must have a strong grasp of accounts subjects and software to be used to manage accounts. If you don’t know where to start you can join any online ‘Accounting & Bookkeeping course to learn the basics of accounts and bookkeeping.

Job role
● Manage expenses, taxes
● Create a company-friendly budget
● Store all useful finance information

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

10. Freelance Writing

Writing is the most traditional most in-demand skill for the freelancing profession in the world. Crafting any information into a piece of content needs immense research, creativity, and hard work. There are some skills that are required to become a professional freelance writer. It includes – Good command of the language, Communication skills, Grammatical knowledge and Technical knowledge like structuring as well as formatting.

Job role
● Creating content for websites and blogs
● Crafting content for social media posts
● Optimize content according to SEO practices
● Edit & Proofread content to make it unique and information-rich

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

11. Voice-Over Artist

Do you like mimicking? Have you seen different country movies in your native language? How do they speak your language? Do they know your language? No! After making movies, creators contact voice-over artists to translate their country’s language into the local language so that viewers can understand. You can become a freelance voice-over artist to sell your voice. There are so many institutes available where you can learn voice-over.

Job roles
Create voice in different tones
Provide voice support to various e-learning courses, videos, movies, and even games also

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

12. Copywriting

Copywriting is a widely used most in-demand skill for freelancing to create attractive phrases which benefit the company or businesses like generating leads and sales. Generally, copywriting is writing engaging, sales-oriented copy for marketing purposes so that when the customers attract and make the purchase. They are different from content writers as they write a blog post but a copywriter writes sales or promotional copy.

Job role
● Write engaging sales content
● Craft sales copy based on the client’s demand
● Working with marketing experts

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

13. Teaching

Teaching is the most in-demand skill for freelancing for every beginner freelancer. This is the most flexible skill and the best thing about this is it does not require much eligibility. You just need basic knowledge of the subject you want to teach apart from this if you have some teaching experience it will be good. As a teacher, you can teach any subject you want apart from the subject you can also teach any musical instrument or machine or anything you want to teach. For example, if you are good at French you can teach French and can earn a handsome amount.

Job role
● Provide auxiliary resources like notes, presentations, etc. to save student’s time
● Evaluate student performance and report to their parents
● Conduct weekly tests

Hourly charge

Annual earning potential

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6 Highest-paying freelance jobs

After learning any freelance skill you can start finding the highest-paying freelance jobs. Let’s talk about –

1. Software Developer
● Earning potential – $42 per hour
● Skill required – Software development
2. Account Executive
● Earning potential – $43 per hour
● Skill required – Accounts management
3. PR Manager
● Earning potential – $52 per hour
● Skill required – Management skill
4. Graphic Designer
● Earning potential – $36 per hour
● Skill required – Graphic designing
5. Copywriter
● Earning potential – $38 per hour
● Skill required – Copywriting
6. Programmer
● Earning potential – $38 per hour
● Skill required – Programming


Here is the list for which is the best freelancing websites for beginners.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Toptal
  4. Upwork
  5. Guru
  6. People Per Hour
  7. LinkedIn

Which skill is best for the future?

The freelancing market growing fastly in very less time as it creates tremendous opportunities for various skills like

● Artificial intelligence
● Coding
● UX design
● Cloud computing
● Blockchain
● Photography
● Consultancy
● Management

These freelancing skills are always in demand and required by every company.

Wrapping Up

Freelancing is the future of the upcoming years as there is a chance that full-time employees will be replaced by freelancers. It is safe to conclude that the most in-demand skills for freelancing or best skill for freelancing will most likely have significant gains in the number of employees and workers if the past year of growth indicates the years to come.

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